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Welcome to Sunny-Side Up.

BL 13+ Comic Ash may be girly looking and cute at first glance but he's quick to anger and prone to getting into fights and he's starting in a new in school to boot! He meets a strange guy his first day named Sunshine, yup...Sunshine. Sunny, is calm, friendly and really loves cute things. How will this weird and opposite pair get along?

FYI this tumblr thing

I'm trying to keep this Username free from 18+ stuff, but my other username here is 18+ and since Y! disappeared a couple years ago, my 18+ social media has pretty much also disappeared. I tried an 18+ tumblr with very little activity and followers and now tumblr is getting rid of NSFW artists. And I can't post random yaoi pics here.

I may have to move to patreon or my own website, either way it might cost $

I did create a NSFW twitter - where I can keep ppl updated but it currently has zero content, I may lock it soon and have only ppl I approve be able to see content.

Please also follow my regular social media for any updates, or DM me there.

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